Touko Sagisaka
Race Human
Gender Female
Age  ?
Height 165 cm
Weight 48 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Freshman in college
Affiliation Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Chiwa Saito
English Michelle Ruff

Touko Sagisaka (鷺坂さぎさか 登子とうこ / [トーコ] Sagisaka Tooko, Tohko) is a main character and a heroine from Akiba's Trip 2. She is the childhood friend of Nanashi, Kaito Tachibana and Yuto Tachibana.

Biography Edit

A student attending college in Akihabara. She's been friends with Nanashi since they were both little kids, and basically takes on the role of older sister with him, keeping him in check. She joined the Akiba Freedom Fighters two years ago and is practically an institution within the group today. She has a clean-cut personality and is always positive. She also loves being involved in the lives of others, and is thus unable to resist lending a hand whenever she sees someone in need. And now that Nanashi is a Synthister, he's very much in need of support... so does she get involved? Of course she does! That's what I'm Tohking about!

TV Tropes Character Sheet Edit

  • Badass Abnormal:
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Her starting weapons are a pair of sports gloves.
  • Boobs of Steel: She looks like her chest in a little bigger than that of the rest of the girls. She's also the resident Bare-Fisted Monk.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Had Rin hypnotize her to believe she can slay a thousand synthisters. She's more susceptible than she thought.
  • Childhood Friends: With the protagonist and Nana.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: If the protagonist ends up on her route.
  • Otaku: Possibly the least one in the entire cast, with the exception of Shizuku, who is not familiar with the culture.
  • Tomboy: She acts more boyish than the other girls in the group, and in one conversation, asks whether she should start acting more girly.

Quotes Edit

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NPC Locations Edit

Touko can be found in the following locations during and before completing these Main Missions:

Electric Town Exit

  • Main Mission 5 - Patrol the Side Streets with Shizuku
  • Main Mission 23 (Shion) - Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati

Electric Town Plaza

  • Main Mission 24 - Go to Akihabara Park with Ms. Kasugai

Junk Street

  • Main Mission 8 - Patrol the Radio Kaikan Area Alone

Main Street NorthEast

  • Main Mission 9 - Search for Shizuku

Main Street SouthEast

  • Main Mission 23 (Shizuku Route) - Patrol Akihabara Park with Shizuku

Main Street SouthWest

  • Main Mission 3 - A Stranger on Junk Street

Radio Kaikan Area

  • Main Mission 8 - Patrolling Junk Street with Shizuku

Yodobashi Area

  • Main Mission 23 (Rin Route) - Patrol Main Street Northwest with Rin