Shizuku Tokikaze
Race Nighteater
Gender Female
Age 170 (biologically 17)
Height 158 cm
Weight 48 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Self-appointed housekeeper
Affiliation Nighteaters
Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Rin Tokikaze (Sister)

Souga Kagutsuki (Brother)

Voice Actors
Japanese Sachika Misawa
English Brina Palencia

Shizuku Tokikaze (刻風ときかぜ しずく Tokikaze Shizuku) is a main character and a heroine from Akiba's Trip 2. She is the introductory character seen in the prologue of the story, introducing Nanashi to the Magaimono world. Shizuku is the elder sister of Rin Tokikaze.

Biography Edit

The mysterious girl who saved Nanashi from his vampiric fate. Has a quiet personality and a general lack of knowledge about society. Left her remote village and came to Akiba in pursuit of a family member who'd run away from home. Infiltrated the "organization" in order to hunt "Synthisters"--humans who've been corrupted by material desires. It was during one such mission that she met Nanashi. Now she investigates alongside him and his friends in hopes of finding whom she seeks, undoing the damage inflicted upon the town by her enemies and returning Nanashi back to normal.

TV Tropes Character Sheet Edit

  • Braids of Action: She sports double braids with a blue bow tie on each of them.
  • But Now I Must Go:
  • Fangirl: After a Striprism marathon, she becomes dedicated to portraying Lili via cosplay.
  • Final Boss:
  • First Girl Wins: If the protagonist ends up on her route.
  • Mysterious Waif: Her introduction has her barging in and saving the protagonist's ass from Zenya and his goons, but up until the latter half of the game, she's only known as a synthister hunter.
  • Parasol of Pain: Her Weapon of Choice is her umbrella, White Rainbow.
  • The Stoic: She rarely speaks above a hushed tone.

Quotes Edit

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NPC Locations Edit

Shizuku can be found in the following locations during and before completing these Main Missions:

  • Akihabara Park
    • Main Mission 23 (Tohko) - Patrol Main Street SouthWest with Tohko
  • Electric Town Exit
    • Main Mission 23 (Shion) Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati
  • Junk Street
    • Main Mission 8 - Patrol the Radio Kaikan Area Alone

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