Yuuki Kasugano
Nanashi (Akiba's Trip 2)
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19-20
Professional Status
Occupation Shut-in, Freeter
Affiliation Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Nana (Sister)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryouta Ōsaka
English Spike Spencer

Nanashi (ナナシ Nanashi) is a main character and the lead protagonist in Akiba's Trip 2. He is the elder brother of Nana and the childhood friend of Kaito Tachibana, Yuto Tachibana, and Touko Sagisaka. He is known as Yuuki Kasugano (春日野 祐樹 Kasugano Yuuki) in the manga. At the beginning of the story, Nanashi applies for a part-time job but later runs into danger as he captured for a secret experiment.