Nanashi / Akihiro
Race Human / Kageyashi
Gender Male
Age 18
Professional Status
Occupation Shut-in, Stripper
Affiliation Akiba's Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Misaki (Sister)
Voice Actors

Nanashi (ナナシ Nanashi?) is a main character and the lead protagonist in Akiba's Trip. He is an 18 year-old High School student and also a professed dork who is deeply involved in the Akihabara scene. He enjoys anime and manga. He is a general cosplay fan and comes to eventually master the art of stripping. Owing to his kiss from a mysterious girl, he is on the road to becoming a Kageyashi, thus making him vulnerable to sunlight if stripped.

In the manga adaption he is called Akihiro Tanaka (田中アキヒロ Tanaka Akihiro?).


At the beginning of the game, he is seen in a dying state but is saved—owing to his kiss from Rui Fumitsuki, which put him on the road to becoming a Kageyashi, thus making him vulnerable to sunlight if stripped. Often being involved in the Akihabara scene, makes him a knowledgeable and well-equipped agent for anti-Kageyashi organisation NIRO. He is initially tasked with helping to root out and destroy the Kageyashi uprising, but later on he can choose to join it instead, or pursue peaceful coexistence between Kageyashi and regular humans.

Akihiro returns in Akiba's Trip 2 as the main protagonist and player character.


  • Nanashi (ナナシ) means "no name". This was chosen to give him a phantom-type outlook.
  • Akihiro (アキヒロ) can mean "autumn phantom". It could also be based on Aki from Akihabara, thus meaning "Akiba phantom".
  • Tanaka (田中) means "among rice paddies". Rice being something culturally invested in Japan.

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