Kati Raikkonen
Kati Raikkonen
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18-19
Professional Status
Occupation Maid
Affiliation Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Haruka Yamazaki

Kati Raikkonen (カティ•ライコネン Kati Raikonen, "Kati Räikkönen") is a maid character and major character from Akiba's Trip 2. She is MOGRA’s resident full-timer, who transferred to Akihabara. She acts as the mascot character for the game. Energetic and sweet as can be, Kati is always there to keep a smile on the faces of the Akiba Freedom Fighters.

Whether maintaining high spirits or perking up those who have fallen to depression, Kati can invariably be counted on to lift any mood and warm any heart. Since Japanese is her second language, she sometimes mixes up her words, but it somehow winds up making what she says sound even cuter. She constantly dresses as a maid, not just for work, but for her own amusement, she made the outfit herself.

Kati appears in Akiba's Trip -The Animation- storyline.


  • Kati's Unison Strip does not display damage unlike all the other Unison Strips.
  • Kati is the only partner who has no route.