This page contains references, similarities and cameo appearances of Divine Gate within the Akiba's series. Divine Gate shares the same company as the creators of the Akiba's series, Acquire.

These references and similarities can particularly be found in Akiba's Beat, as they share the same character designer. Being coincidental, these include:

  • Asahi Tachibana: His personality and element of fire is similar to Akane.
  • Saki Hoshino: Her personality is similar to Midori.
  • Riyu Momose: Her personality is similar to Hikari.
  • Yamato Hongo: His hairstyle is similar to that of Arthur.
  • Kotomi Sanada: Her hairstyle is similar to that of Yukari and both use a scythe as their weapon.
  • Mizuki Aihara: His palette is similar to Aoto. His name can also have an aquatic meaning, like Aoto's element.

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