The Bugged Ones (ばーげもの Bāgemono) are a race of vampire-like humanoids which have a distinct bug-like appearance and encompass the general enemy species encountered in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. Unlike other species, these manifestations are sensitive to exposure to air. They are bloodthirsty monsters that disturb the peace in Akihabara. They are of low-class types. Bugged Ones are shadowy figures until they possess humans. Once possessed, the person will generally have highlights in their hair.

Kurobugs are higher level demons that can control Bugged Ones. They are also capable of extraordinary abilities and inhuman physique.

Hazoku's Underling is a high-class Bugged One that possesses incredible abilities and possible immortality. However, when exposed, they disintegrate instead of merely reverting.

Hazoku are non-humans capable of creating new Bugged Ones. Some, like Matome Mayonaka, seek to co-exist with humans.